This is a cartoon from the 80s that has definitely stood the test of time.  Alvin and the Chipmunks was such a fun show to watch as a child.  The antics of Alvin, Simon and Theodore as they lived with their “father” Dave who also doubled as their music manager.

80s chipmunks

The Chipmunks was a blast for me mostly because of the music.  Every episode had the chipmunks singing and dancing around  It still makes me happy to this day, especially at Christmas time where the Chipmunks Christmas song is my all time holiday favourite.

Over the years the little rodents have gone from Saturday morning cartoon to a Multi sequel Hollywood franchise.  Granted these movies aren’t well reviewed and will never be considered Oscar contenders.  What they are is what they should be.  FUN! Watch the Chipmunks with a child and I guarantee they will be laughing their little hearts out.  There is something about the characters that you just relate with.  All three are so different.  Alvin is brash and arrogant.  Simon is smart and book wormish and Theodore is the sweet innocent chubby brother.

The attribute I like best about these characters is that they never use their characteristics on each other.  They are brothers and always find a way to get along and help each other.  Siblings today should be lucky to have brothers or sisters who will be there when needed and always have each others backs.

I think that is the foundation for it all at the end of the day, it resonates with kids because it is funny and heart warming…and thoughtful all at once.  The formula must be working because i’ve sat through Chipmunks, a squeakuel, Chipwrecked, Road Trip and who knows how many more.  But I know i’ll be there watching and enjoying with my kids and the way these characters resonate thru generations, perhaps one day i’ll tell my grandkids all about the Chipmunks when I was a little boy too!!…. Here’s hoping!