Where are you?

The Mystery Machine, 4 people and 1…well sometimes 2 dogs.  My inner child has always wanted to be a detective.  I’m almost positive it has a lot to do with watching Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the gang solve mysteries as I was growing up.


So involved with this silly cartoon as kids that one of my best friends growing up was a cool kid named Brian.  Who also grew up into one of the best roofers I know.  If you’d like to see his skills, click here for the company he works with.

The reason I bring up Brian is because he is now a grown adult in his 30’s.  He is also a grown adult with a absolutely awful tattoo of one of my least favourite cartoon characters of all time.  Scooby-Doo’s annoying little cousin Scrappy.


I’m not sure what it was about him that irritated me as a child.  Most likely it was just that I always enjoy status quo and every time that little bugger was on an episode it disrupted my Mystery Machine Gang mojo.

He just didn’t bring anything to the show in my opinion.  It’s great how much Scooby cares about his little cousin but we don’t need reminders about how awesome Scooby is.  The show carries his namesake for crying out loud, he’s beloved without having a whiny twirp to take care of!

No matter what, I always knew that an episode with Scrappy would always turn up crappy! (see what I did there!?)

Brian on the other hand, looked forward to those few episodes with Scrappy-Doo with such fanfare you would think he was the one who invented the character.  I’m not kidding I remember him jumping up and down, fist pumping like the his favourite team just won the Super Bowl.

When Brian turned 18 he asked me to head to the tattoo place with him and he sure enough brought out a photo of scrappy doo holding a hockey stick.  Writing this now reminds me how funny I thought it was at the time.  How persistent he was that it was a great idea and he will love it FOREVER!!!!

15 years later.  Scrappy is officially about to be covered up with a dragon.  RIP to a shitty tattoo my friend.

Now if only I could erase this shitty character from my mind so easily!

Til next time guys, once again if you have any comments or questions please  contact me here.